Tesla Model S LED Passenger Side Headlight – 2016 2017 HID – Refresh/ Facelift


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Hi all! You’re looking at a passenger side LED headlight from a 2016 facelifted Tesla Model S. This is the new LED headlight.  This was purchased with the intention of retrofitting it to an early car. To that end, it has been opened (see pictures) and we cut into the internal wiring harness to make a pin-out harness.  Neither of these affect the functionality of the headlight. It looks new and works as a new one works. The only difference is that the parts that you don’t see don’t look pretty.

This is a drop in replacement for the 2016+ Facelifted Model S and I’m told it can work on the older cars but will require an adapter harness as well as programing the car to tell it that it has the LED lights. As it sits, when you plug it into an older car it will turn on with the headlight switch and the turn signals will function. The daytime running lights do not come on and the high beams do not work. These problems only exist on the 2012-2015 pre-facelift cars. To be clear, this light is 100% functional and if installed in a new car with these lights, it would work as expected.

Part: 1053571 00 A

What’s Included:

  • Headlight
  • Headlight Driver Box

Warranty: Guaranteed to be received as described. No other warranty.