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There's no shortage of companies regurgitating the same ideas and putting a different twist on them. We're not that. We've completely changed the way consumers can sell goods. Here's why Monkee Deals makes for a compelling story:

  • We pre-pay for equipment – This is the big one. The gotchya. The game-changer. Or maybe you're into buzzwords in which case this is the disruptor. Resellers traditionally require you to send your equipment in first at which point they inspect it and send you a check which you then wait to clear. This process often takes weeks. With us a customer can literally get an offer for their item and have money in their Paypal account 15 minutes later.

  • The marketplace is intimidating – Online sites are havens for scams and the uninformed are easily taken advantage of. Whether it's being tricked by a fake Paypal email or being forced to refund a buyer for a camera that mysteriously stopped working when you sent it to them, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of ways to get ripped off. We eliminate that concern.

  • People try to rip us off a lot – And we've got systems both simple and complex to spot them and ward them off. Often what we do is enough to capture the interest of most but hidden in there is an even more interesting story about how we do it and the hurdles we overcame.

  • We are a true “instant” solution to selling used goods. - A customer can get an offer from us, complete the sale on our website and be paid in as little as 15 minutes. Compare selling to us to the traditional sales outlets most consumers use:

    • Compared to eBay – Auctions take time to complete, buy-it-now listings only sell if priced right and your item still might take days or weeks to sell.  Money received after fees is often only modestly higher than what we might have paid for the same equipment.

    • Compared to Amazon – No guarantee your item will sell quickly even if priced fair. Payouts every 2 weeks. Elevated likelyhood that new sellers will be faced with account limitations and potentially have the proceeds from their sale held during an account review. 

    • Compared to Craigslist – Ads get lost in a sea of other competing offers. Even if priced right there is no guarantee your item will sell immediately or even at all. No worry of meeting strangers in strange places.  

    • Selling to other resellers – In our industry other resellers (all as far as we know) require you to send your gear in before getting paid. The process is long and tedious. Our customers have reported waiting as long as two weeks for their equipment to be looked at and then even after it's inspected they still need to decide if they want to accept the quote, wait for a check to arrive and then wait for that check to clear. Meanwhile we would have had them paid the same day we made them an offer. 

Questions? Interested in sharing our story? Please reach out to us:

Phone: 855-942-FILM Ext 0

Email: Sales@monkeedeals.com

Twitter: @monkeedeals