How We Work

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Let’s face it, if a reseller is is asking you to send your gear in first and then wants to send you a check when they get around to it, what value are they offering you?  None.  Would you send a stranger your iPhone before you got paid?  What if someone wanted to buy your laptop and said “Hey, send it to me now and I promise I’ll send you a check later!”. You’d laugh at them and for good reason.  We feel that our industry should be no different and thus we’ve set out to change it.  So what do we do different?

We pay you instantly – You get a quote from us and if you accept it we send you a Paypal payment and pre-paid shipping label.  Only once you’ve been paid do you send your equipment.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a quote – Click the “Sell To Us” link in the navigation bar and find your item in our catalog.  If you like our price click the “Get Paid” button and complete the process entirely on our site.
  2. Get Paid – Within 15 – 30 minutes during business hours you’ll receive payment via Paypal and a pre-paid shipping label.
  3. Ship your gear – Pack it well, slap our label on the box and drop it off at any Fedex location.  That’s it! You’re done.

Got a more specific question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.  For certain amounts and transactions that don’t pass our verification system we might require you to send in your gear first and then send you a Paypal payment or certified check (your choice).